January 9, 2011


My Garden 2010.

Its been a long winter and we arent even near done yet! I had the best garden last year and can't wait to start again this year. I already have my garden plans done up and all the plants and veggies picked out to use. As well as Checking the seeds I saved from last year to see if they are good or not! They Are!

Kong Sunflower from Burpee. These are amazing! Huge Lots of big Flowers and so strong. The Gold Finches loved them too! They were so Big that Even the Neighbors commented on how big and beautiful they were.
Zowie Zinnias From Burpee. Attracted Butterflies and Hummingbirds all summer long. Love these Flowers.  Easy to grow and Wont die if you forget to water for a week!

Green Tomatoes Rippening. Purchased these plants at RedFerns Nursery in Swansboro, NC. They took off like crazy! Beautiful tomatoes, fried green and fresh on bread, as well as in pasta sauces. I think they are Celebrities, we also grew an heirloom German variety and they were HUGE, but seemed to split. We tossed those over the fence. Wonder if there will be tomato plants in the backwoods this year? 
My Garden Near the House, three tomato plants in the middle, Chianti Sunflowers near the fence on your right, not yet bloomed. Bush Green Beans, Red Raspberries,  Sweet Peas in the back as well as Hot Lemon Peppers and Sweet Bell Peppers! Basil, Thai Basi, the Kids Pinwheel.  Lots of Marigolds to keep the bugs away. Im not sure if it worked or not.

Chianti Sunflowers Bloomed. Very Beautiful velevet burgandy color. They were always covered in tiny bees. Im not sure what kind of bees they were, but so cute and tons of them. These sunflowers grow to about 8 feet.
These are my jack be little pumpkins. I planted them a little too early. So the kids picked them and I let them carve them on the 4th of July. Then they took a spin in the microwave to become desert. Pumpkin Pie! These Grew in our side garden along with Corn, Cherry tomatoes, Black Beauty Eggplant, White Eggplant, Poblano peppers, green chiles, Sugarbaby watermelons, Lettuce, Zucchini, and cucumbers.  Oh My!

Sugar baby watermelon. My nephew Brendan (that is who's hand you see) really enjoyed all the fresh vegetables when he came to visit for the summer. Everyday the kids would race to the gardens to see what they could find!

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