November 28, 2010

Rain On My Window By Angela Ungren

Rain on my window. This was painted for the CFAI Art Challenge for November...Growing up in Washington state..I've grown to love the rain, making this a special painting for me.
Oil on 140 lb Paper.
8x10 framed.


Margaret Bednar said...

This is amazing - I can't even imagine having the patience to paint this. The outcome is wonderful - you should be proud.

Angela Ungren said...

Thanks so much! I just kept going, I just needed to make it to that "feeling". I appreciate your comment!

Margaret Bednar said... This is the blog I mentioned in my post (under the pear). They are two artists trying to give tips and advice. Hope you like it.

Angela Ungren said...

Thanks for the blog. im signed up now!

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